About the company

Our company, Słodkie Upominki, is a European leader in the manufacture of confectionery advertising. Using the latest technologies we design and produce sweets, sweet advertizing gadgets, and chocolate gifts which are an element in promotional campaigns of companies around the world. We utilze the highest production standards and integrated quality control systems to supply the market with superior products. Słodkie Upominki’s standard catalogue – we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and packaging advertising sweets and sweet gadgets – includes about 200 products ranging from candies, lozenges, pastilles, chewing gum, lollipops through to cakes, chocolates, and finally to hand-made pralines and truffles. Our confectionery catalogue for companies with items on which they may place their logos is continuously being updated and expanded with new designs and solutions. All the products available in our catalogue have been, from start to finish, designed, manufactured, or packaged by Słodkie Upominki. Such comprehensive customer service is possible because our company has its own machine park for manufacturing packaging and packing sweets and sweet gadgets, our own machine park for printing (pad printing, flexo printing, digital printing), our own 3D studio equipment to produce our unique kind of chocolate molds for casting chocolate, and our own production line for chocolate. All the gifts we have on offer are great advertising gadgets for the most demanding customers.

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